Wrapped in Dust on Naked Floors (Poetry) [2010​-​2014]

by Ivan Bibriesca

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This album has poetry I've written, roughly between the years of 2010-2014
-Ivan Bibriesca


released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Ivan Bibriesca Woodland, California

Ivan Bibriesca. I've been playing music since age 10. Been writing since age 15.

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Track Name: Innocence
I broke silence and gave up hope
To the point of no return
I took in everything all at once and began life a step wrong
I threw out possibilities and took life for granted
NowI sit alone knowing I can't bring back the past

Behind closed doors I moan and groan
And I'm everything you don't want me to be

I can't prove innocence
Nor can I prove to you that I'm innocent

And time has come to separate us

And time gave me time to think about us

And that made me smile

Because we're nowhere near innocent
Track Name: Darkness
Crumbling emotions of self endurance has left me feeling like shit

And I know I can, I can easily become your monster

Through perseverance and self confidence

Though actions speak louder than words

I feel you need to know the true meaning of guilt
Before you go on with your life

Cause absolute insanity is nothing without obscurity

My head is crushed by the sound of your voice
Every fucking time

Am I but an angel in your head?
Am I but an image of what you think I am?

Or can I feel like I can?

Tell me, am I like this because of you?

Or do I do this, because of you?

I am not only the opposite of light
But yours

And yours only

I am what you fear
I am the enemy
I am darkness
I am not light
I am what you fear
In the dark



I am not your friend
Track Name: Negative Emotions
A sick scratchy noise inside comes out to play with you
It can tell you what is it is
But you know what it has become

You've ignored the truth
and inside it burns like scratchy bites

And we both know that this is fucking new

And still the sick scratchy noise inside
Comes out to play with you
It can't tell you what it is
But you know what it has become
Track Name: Introduction
The door of enlightenment has been opened
But who's to say it'll open easy

One must find and decide, ignore and defy reality

To lift, is to say I have won
I'm dirt, yet I feel like the sun

I am, is to say that I'm new
That this is new
That this all so new

So begin to defy and just watch close by
As we begin to defy the reality
Which is, the blue sky
Track Name: Kiss Kiss
Basically accumulating the essence of light and the mustard of dried lettuce. Brought out and laid out on the dirt are the minds of a new born child, so this entry should be easy to digest. Walls are white so are clouds. Black is new, as might is to an empty soul.
Paul liked the new sound. He went to every show. Showed his will for just a moment, he stayed quiet. Seventy thousand created the same sound. No one descended and sold out. Next to you - me - as we feel the beach in our mouth. Brown mustard is on our lip. Can you candy kiss my face?
So now the mountains and tress sing with gingivitis as I breathe in tendonitis. Live with me and break my heart. Live with me and sell my lard. Mold me and paste me. Spank me and tame me. Lullaby and soon subside. Brighter days are fractured limbs. I just want a kiss.
Track Name: Tears
Dried up through the gaze of the sun
From swimming in her cum
Track Name: Not The Same
I smell just like them
But I'm nothing like them
It's so hard to speak when you have nothing to say
Can you truly say you're happy
When you hide behind that sweater?
Do you really think you're making it any better?

It happens again and again and again
Just like your endless tears that filled up my room

And as you sat there on my bed
In my room
You dried up like a raisin in the sky
and turned out so dull and so dry

It's so hard when your feelings decide to hide
And am I just wasting my time when I speak to you?

One after another, I know they're going to die
Fuck I know I am going to die

My heart is full of hate and you just need to take it all away
Because there's nothing left to say

We're not the same

No, not the same
Track Name: Pepsi Crsut
We laid across the floor

And my arm touched her leg

We popped in a video

And starred blankly at the screen

Robots of humanity have broken everything down to it's simplest form

We are all creatures from underground

We are put together from the simplest of roots

Dull and confused

We make nothing but food

Organs of waste, we've lost our taste

She reached out to kiss me

As I smiled and laughed

She threw herself on me

And we rolled on the floor

Two specimens at night, have controlled their scene

We are nothing but on someones computer screen

Sweat of lust, sweat of loss

We've gained access to a new world of love

She screamed and creamed

Making noises of love

Passionate fucking

All over the rug

Seeing that we've created a new born lust

We've broken down the walls of our past

With a maul, nothing is permitted without a chance to grow

Of lust and life

We can all overcome

The boundaries of love

To hate is to love and to hate is to love

To love is to hate and hate is to love

I've mastered it all

And so can you
Track Name: Used and Bruised
I walk down the hall to see you on the floor naked
My heart races as I reach down to feel your skin
You're still warm, though I can't seem to to put together the reasons together why you lay there numb
My face is on fire and I lay down next to you
And then I ask myself why I'm here
I move in closer to place my head on your chest
Your smell is always there and it feels like I've never left
My breath is now on your chest
I can never forget the taste of your skin
I tell you not to open your eyes and then I pull out my knife and slowly stick it in your side
My thoughts begin to race as you open your eyes and gasp for air
The shock of knowing that this is it has made it feel like there was no turning back
I hold out my hand over your mouth as you squirm for help
There is no escape
My jaw moving up and down your neck is my gateway to an entrance
no one tries to enter
My God there is no way I can touch you now
Your eyes are as bright as the sky and they reflect on me as it turns you to ice
Numb and dumb
Yes, I find that this body once was
I tell you to tilt your head back
Please because I just fucking hate it when they scream
Track Name: Stars
I never know
How it flows
In my mind

If I could get
the past and kiss those lips
That shape a moan

Stars will breathe
As I receive
A nurtured but happy

I wonder what stars smell like
Track Name: Sensation Of A Gale
Reached to the point of misconception
Nightly confused drugs of an overdosed song
Are greatly confirmed on each other's deaths

Slightly grinding the remains of our bones
We've gathered everything but a playful toy

Why were we raised to insult our parents?

They look down on us and I don't blame them
Track Name: Where Have I Gone?
Taken out and put under ice

My face is so fucking numb

And this image I have of you
Is so dull

Why am I so dumb?

Thrown away and put into dirt
Love at first sight

Has brainwashed me

This heat is breeding

Why do they force me to fight?

Concerned and betrayed

One by one

Are taken cold

Is this fate alone

My ticket way home?
Track Name: Simplicity
Feel the dirt with your teeth
And eat the sick out of human skin
Hold my hand and touch the sky
Melt within, you're a lullaby

Feel my skin with your lips
Eat my thighs with your eyes
Hold my fantasy in the clouds
Oh you're so damn loud
Too damn loud

Live off worms
Live off grass
Live off sap
Yeah, stuff like that

Makes me cry, knowing you're here
You're so far away and so out of line

Live off worms
Live off grass
Live of sap
Yeah, stuff like that
Track Name: We See With Minds Alone
If anything is
Thinking intellectually
We'll subside throughout
Track Name: We're In A Porno?
He seemed lost
Unable to detect any sight of women
Well, women he craved above his genitals
Basically the ones with the right kind of breasts, right?

He seemed open, usually to the ideas of most men because he was a women inside and men of any age really. So he was right to begin with.

Maybe he can hang onto a babies stomach. That doesn't really give man or women the right to have a baby.

Maybe he can detect humiliation. Again, that does't really give them the right to fuck with those that want to have a sex change.

Look, he's not saying he's going to cut off his penis. No, he's not saying he's going to go paste a vagina on him. He's just saying he wants a kid.

Look, what guys really want are to be heard and women on the other hand just have things handed down to them.

I mean it seems pretty okay for girls to have sex with each other but why not guys?

Well because the majority of cops are sleazy horny men. I mean, most men are gay anyway. Some of them just know how to use it.

Now again, don't find yourself messing with the wrong kind of gender because society tells you to do so. Go with what your organs tell you.

So what if you're wet.
So what if you're dry.
So what if your mind is connected to your thighs.

Sooner or later we're all gonna be combined with one huge sex drive.

Again, fingernails and wet balls are defined as a pornographic image but who's to say we're not in a porno right now?

To tell you the truth, the majority of us just throw up after sex
Or is that just me?

What I'm trying to say is that I don't have sex with monkey's and please please please don't ever have sex with a monkey.

I think we have enough idiots running this planet to date.

I think it would be quite sad if one of just blows up the entire planet because they were born with huge feet instead of precise fingers.